Product Description:

    SPD2000 LED power automatic test system, which sets intelligent manipulator, input and output tester, man-machine interface, quickly and accurately measure LED input power, input power factor, output voltage, output current, and according to the preset parameters and lower limit values to be qualified, unqualified automatic marking, and save the total number of tests and the total number of tests. The total number of unqualified. Convenient and quick.

SPD2000 LED 驅動電源自動測試系統.jpg

Equipment characteristics:

1. Fast single track test LED driver input and output electrical parameters.

The capacity is about 3000-5000pcs/h;

2, the instrument automatically determines whether it is qualified or not, and automatically marks it.

3. The man-machine interface and high performance PLC control are adopted.

4. use high-precision stepper motor to drive the slide rail with two axis linkage positioning.

5, record the day capacity and qualified number, the number of unqualified;

Technical indicators:

1. the machine can test the input AC power, input AC power factor, output DC current and output DC voltage.

The upper and lower limits of the set parameters can automatically mark the defective products below or beyond the set range.

2. the machine input can carry out two tests to test two different voltages, and the machine has input voltage interface.

3. three operation stations can choose different workstation tests according to actual production needs.

The 4. workstation has automatic cycle test and manual input signal test, and the operation is more flexible.

5. different test procedures can be set according to different PCB boards, and the position of the PCB board can be adjusted by width.

6. the machine test time can be set to meet the test time requirements of different drivers.

7. the program recipe can be saved, and different PCB tests can be replaced while the corresponding test procedures can be adjusted.

8. the machine automatically records the number of qualified and unqualified quantities, and observable the daily production situation.

9. machine test under pressure time set separately, machine test time can be set separately, with output discharge function;

10. power requirements: AC220V, reliable grounding;

11. the precision of input and output test: 0.3%;


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