Product Description:

The online OK test system of SP2040 LED driver is integrated with program controlled AC inverter power supply, input and output full performance tester, automatic test device, programmable electronic load, industrial control machine and intelligent sorting software. It can quickly and accurately measure the input and output parameters of LED driver, THD total harmonic, energy efficiency and so on. The default values of the preset parameters are determined, and the EXCEL database is automatically established and saved, which is convenient for data statistics, inspection and analysis. It also meets the requirements of the data traceability of the international ISO9000 quality system.

◆ Equipment characteristics:

1. Accurate and fast testing. The capacity is about 5000-7000pcs/h.

2. Error rate of instrument: < 0.1%

3. The test function is rich.

  • The function of no-load detection and the delay function of discharge

  • Light load and full load detection function;

  • The function of parametric graphic analysis

  • Specific test interface customization function;

  • Automatic reading function of test data

  • Software platform for elastic architecture;

  • Editing and storing and reading function of measurement and control files

  • Test model editing function;

  • Statistical analysis of report function

  • The function of historical report lookup;

  • Manual test analysis function

  • The test data and the pass rate always show the function.

  • User permission setting and boarding function;

  • Windows 7/2000/NT/XP software platform, full Chinese operation interface.

4, the system built the optimized standard test items, the test efficiency is good.

5, in line with the Energy Star average efficiency test requirements.



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